How in jQuery get innerhtml of IFrame tag.


jQuery Get HTML of Iframe: Here in this article will learn how to get innerHtml of an iframe. The Iframe or inline frame is used to display another webpage within a webpage.

In other words, an iframe is used to embed another HTML page inside a current webpage.

And in jQuery to get the inner content of an Iframe we use the combination of jQuery contents() method and the jQuery .html() method. It is like a mini browser window inside a webpage.

Steps to Get HTML content of Iframe in jQuery

  1. Add HTML Markup i.e iframe tag with src
  2. jQuery Code to Get HTML Content.

# Add HTML Markup

Here first we add an Iframe tag with Id as myIframe and set its source as Wikipedia homepage i.e (, and a button tag.

Our Markup looks like as written below: 

<h1>How to Get HTML Content of Iframe in JQuery</h1>
<button id="myButton">Get Iframe Content</button>
<iframe id="myIframe" src="" width="480" height="320" ></iframe>

# jQuery Code to Get HTML Content of IFrame

Here we have a button tag, and on button click, we get innerHtml of the IFrame, by using contents() and .html() method. Our JS code looks like as written below:

$("#myButton").on('click', function() {

The above code will return all the HTML content of our Iframe.

Conclusion: Here we use the combination of jquery contents() and .html() method to get the innerHTML of an Iframe.

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