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TwitterBot-YATB is Yeat Another Twitterbot, it is a program used to produce automated Retweets, Tweets, and Favorites for specific keyword which you set yourself .i.e Retweets those tweets which contain specific Hash Tags (#Blogging, #SEO, #Wordpress etc) or those tweets which contain exact phrase (“Happy New Year”), or tweets from a specific user (@codepedia_info) or automatically follow any Twitter users.

No doubt that Twitter is an excellent social networking tool to promote one’s business. For B2B, Twitter offers many options like If you want to connect with influencers, you can use Twitter to find them and make connections.

Another example with Twitter is you can locate people who have similar interests, which can help you target potential customers. I personally feel Twitter as an effective marketing tool. So if you tired of tweeting yourself, then now you can have your own Twitterbot and things done by the robot i.e. (YATB).

Thanks to Martin Hawksey for creating txtservice which is used in YATB.


The Twitterbot (YATB) is available in free and pro version. It is written using Google Scripts and hosted on Google Cloud and the Script will run from your Google Drive.

Features Pro Version
YATB TwitterBot features Auto Retweet,
Auto Favourite,
Auto Tweets,
Auto Followers,
Run every 5,10,15 etc min
Support via Email
Price $9


Steps to use YATB.

  1. Create a Twitter account and Twitter App.
  2. Make a copy of YATB TwitterBot.
  3. Authorize your Twitter account.
  4. Set rules for Twitterbot.

1)Create a Twitter account and Twitter App.

First, we need a Twitter account to work with Twitterbot. If you want to automate your account, then you can use your existing account or create a new Twitter account. Also, need to create a Twitter App and access consumer key, and associated secrets.

Enter App name, description and website URL (your website name or it can be anything as you like. But keep the callback URL as and agree to the terms and submit the form, this will create your Twitter Application

2) Make a copy of YATB TwitterBot.

Click here to get the copy of YATB (free version). Fill this form and add your Gmail id, soon you will get an email, and you can start using TwitterBot (If you didn’t receive any email, then pls contact me).  For PRO VERSION Click here.

3) Authorize your Twitter account.

Once you were done by creating the Twitter app, now come back to YATB Spreadsheet and from menubar click TwitterBot ⇒ Setting config A dialog box will open, enter your Token Key in it, then allow permission to all. And then you will see a successful message, this means TwitterBot configuration is done. First, make a test Retweet from the menubar and now your TwitterBot is ready :).

4) Set Rules your Twitterbot.

You can configure your TwitterBit in many ways .i.e enter multiple hashtags with comma (,) separated values, and left other field blank or enter something as per your need. Use caution when configuring your Twitter bot, do not use your bot for spam, or to violate the Twitter Terms of service.

The Twitterbot will run in the background you no need to keep login, logout from your gmail and Twitterbot will work accordingly. If you have set rules as run every 10,15,30 minutes etc, then the Bot will run automatically in the background. Even though you are logged out from your Gmail account, the bot will run because it’s written in Google App Script and is hosted at Google Cloud i.e., in your Google Drive.

If you want to stop the Twitterbot, then from the main menu select Twitter-Bot  Stop Bot this will stop YATB TwitterBot.


What is the difference between Free and Pro Version?

The free version allows you to automate Retweet and Favourite whereas in Pro Version you can automate Retweet, Tweets, Favourite, Fetch and Follow any twitter user as per your rules set. Pro version is only at $9, and this is only one-time flat payment. Free version access is for limited time whereas Pro version is for the lifetime and fully support via email.

Should I need to keep the YATB spreadsheet open?

Simple answer NO,  YATB is written in Google App Script and so its run on Google servers and; therefore, it will work even when the Google Sheet is closed. You can close the sheet, sign out from Gmail account or shut down your computer; the TwiterBot YATB will continue to work (run in the background) if you have set the periodically rules (i.e., run every 5/ 10/ 15 /30 etc min).

Is it safe to use YATB security wise?

Yes, it is, as the YATB copy is stored in your Google Drive and connected with your Twitter App which is created by you. So your sheet and your twitter app are with you, this means it does not share a single piece of information or data with anyone.

I have some more query, whom I can contact?

If you need help in further more customization of Twitterbot YATB or want to build similar more complex Google App, then you can direct Contact me.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any recommendations, please let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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