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For access any TwitterBot you need to create a Twitter account and a Twitter App. If you want to automate your account, then you can use your existing account or create a new Twitter account. Also, need to create a Twitter App and access consumer key, and associated secrets. So here in this article, we provide a Step by Step tutorial for creating Twitter App.

Creating Twitter App:

First, click here to create Twitter App, now you will redirect to the Twitter app form as shown in the below-given screenshot. 1) Click on Create new app button. Create twitter app  

2) Nowhere enter name, description, Call-back URL as and enter your website URL if you don't have an internet site, don't worry just type in it, and this will work :) Authenticating twitter app setting twitterbot  

3) Generate Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, pls note down these two values as we need them later, for authentication purposes. Twitter app consumer api key tokens

Finally, now we are done with creating Twitter App and also noted down the Consumer API Key and token which we used later for authentication.  

Twitterbot YATB Configuration:

Now let's head to Twitterbot YATB Configuration. As we already created Twitter App and had respective Key, Tokens values, now it's time to use it. So now login to your Gmail account, and open your Twitterbot YATB spreadsheet, and follow these steps as shown in the below screenshots.

1) Under Twitter-Bot menubar select the Setting Config menu.Twitterbot YATB configuration and setting

2) Click Yes for Authentication, this is the only one-time process, once you authenticate successfully you are done with Twitterbot authentication. Now you can use Twitterbot anytime, no need to follow this process again unless you create your new Twitter account or new Twitter app.Twitterbot authentication 1  

3) Earlier while creating Twitter App, we have noted down the key and token values, now we use those values and enter respectively as shown in the below-given screenshots.Twitterbot authentication 2  

4) Click NextTwitterbot authentication 3  

5) Now sign with your Twitter Account for which you want to use Twitterbot.Twitterbot authentication 4  

6) Last and important step, you will notice the name of the Twitter App created by you, hit the Authorize app button, and you are done.Twitterbot authentication 5  

7) Now you will see the   Success message as shown in the below screenshot, and this means you are done with Authentication, and now your can start playing with YATB (Twitterbot).

If you facing any problem while authentication, then do use the below-given comment section, will ensure to reply you asap Twitterbot YATB authenticate successfully message  


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