Some useful C# DateTime handy code sample


Here in this article we will play with DateTime in our C# application. Basically, a handful easy code to get today's date, yesterday' date, current week start current weekend date etc and many more.

C# DateTime Code

DateTime baseDate = DateTime.Today;

var today = baseDate;
var yesterday = baseDate.AddDays(-1);
var thisWeekStart = baseDate.AddDays(-(int)baseDate.DayOfWeek);
var thisWeekEnd = thisWeekStart.AddDays(7).AddSeconds(-1);
var lastWeekStart = thisWeekStart.AddDays(-7);
var lastWeekEnd = thisWeekStart.AddSeconds(-1);
var thisMonthStart = baseDate.AddDays(1 - baseDate.Day);
var thisMonthEnd = thisMonthStart.AddMonths(1).AddSeconds(-1);
var lastMonthStart = thisMonthStart.AddMonths(-1);
var lastMonthEnd = thisMonthStart.AddSeconds(-1);
Here's the code to display last month start date, end date etc.

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