Introduction : What is JavaScript

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language. Its is used to develop the web application (websites). Initially, it is known as LiveScript, but later Netscape changed it to JavaScript. Since then it is known as JavaScript. 

Nowadays JavaScript is very popular, that is with the reemergence of client-service and single-page application architectures, the use of JavaScript in discrete applications (i.e., single-page apps) attached to numerous network services is exploding. For example, Google Apps are all written in JavaScript and are prime examples of single-page applications.

 General JavaScript Usage

  • Client-Side Validation: The user can validate the input form before sending it on the server-side. This help to reduce unnecessary server round trip. But as a best practice, you have to validate on both sides i.e client-side and server-side.
  • Rich UserInterface: JavaScript allows us to interact with webpages with drag and drop options and many animation effects, which makes it a good user experience.
  • Update DOM: With Javascript, we can manipulate the dom, update a part of our website without page refresh. Also using ajax we can update webpage content without page reload.

Limitation of JavaScript

  • JavaScript doesn't allow writing existing files on the server.
  • JavaScript can not directly connect with the RDS databases, all we can do client-side dom manipulation via ajax.

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