GitHub integration with Visual Studio 2013


Hello, today we are going to see how to integrate GitHub with Visual Studio 2013. i.e GitHub integration with visual studio 2013. I must say this is the most painless way for the Visual Studio developer to start using GitHub.


Let's start now, so here is my Visual Studio Project (HelloWorld Simple WebSite Project) as shown in Fig 1. Now we are going to add this project in GitHub, here in my case I have Website App, it doesn't matter you can have any application Window App, Console app etc.

Fig 1:Visual Studio Project Solution

Now go to `File` `Add to Source Control` as shown in Fig 2, you will see a popup. In Popup, you will get an option to choose between Team Foundation Version Control or Git. Select Git and place a checkmark if you want to use for the future projects see Fig 3.

Fig 2:Add to source - visual studio 2013 Fig 3: GitHub Popup visual studio

Next step is to visit GitHub official website and creates a new repository with a unique name. I named it as `HelloWorld`, left the rest as default and finally hit `Create Repository` button.

Fig 4:

Create New Repository in GitHub

So now we are done with creating a new repository at GitHub, and we just copy the `clone URL`, will need this in the next step as shown in below image.

Fig 5:

Gitbug copy clone URL *.git


Let's head over to the Visual Studio 2013 IDE and at menu bar go to `View ` ⇒ `Team Explorer`, now in Team Explorer press Unsynced Commits as shown in fig and add Clone URL which have copied earlier (see Fig 7) and press `Publish` Button.

Fig 6:Unsyn commit from visual studio Team Explorer window

Fig 7:Enter Clone URL

Now after publish button pressed press syn, and now go home and hit `Change` (fig 9)button, add some `comment` (fig 10) and hit the`syn` button.

Fig 8:

Press sys after publish button

Fig 9:Change button Github- visual studio 2013

Fig 10:

enter commit - github from visual studio team explorer

Finally we are done with GitHub Integration with Visual Studio 2013.Final Github integration with visual studio 2013

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any recommendations, please let us know what you think in the comment section below! See you again next time! [txt_ads]  

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