moreLinq DistinctBy – Remove Duplicate Record From DataTable Based On Specific ColumnName

 Overview: Here in this article I am going to show you how to remove duplicate records from datatable depending upon specific Column-Name. I recommend you to check my previous article (CLICK) where have written how to remove the duplicate record from DataTable without use `For loop`, `Dataview`, `Array List` and delete duplicated over looping etc and delete.

First, of all you need to download MoreLinq Library and import in your project. After Implement `morelinq` you can use a function called `DistinctBy` in which you can specify the property on which you want to find Distinct objects.

Duplicate free Datatable using more-linq ( morelinq )

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
      // Distinctby  column name ID 
        var valueDistinctByIdColumn = getDT().AsEnumerable().DistinctBy(row => new { Id = row["Id"] });
        DataTable dtDistinctByIdColumn = valueDistinctByIdColumn.CopyToDataTable();


public DataTable getDT()
        DataTable dt = new DataTable();
        dt.Columns.Add("Id", typeof(string));
        dt.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
        dt.Rows.Add("1", "sunny");
        dt.Rows.Add("2", "vicky");
        dt.Rows.Add("3", "prince");
        dt.Rows.Add("2", "john");
        dt.Rows.Add("5", "sunny");
        dt.Rows.Add("1", "sunny");
        return dt;

OutPut :

DistinctBy Column ID: Here  you can see in output there is only four record which actually we want. i.e. distinct value by ID column

morelinq remove duplicate rows record from datatable c#

Display all records 

morelinq duplicate rows removed from datatable

If you want to do distinct by 2nd column ie(Name)

var valueDistinctByNameColumn = getDT().AsEnumerable().DistinctBy(row => new { Name = row["Name"] });

DataTable dtDistinctByNameColumn = valueDistinctByNameColumn.CopyToDataTable();

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any recommendations, please let us know what you think in the comment section below! See you again next time!

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